Campus network upgrade

An update on our work so far

About the campus network upgrade project

In January 2018, IST's Network Services team began the task of upgrading the campus network Ethernet switching and routing infrastructure.  

This upgrade will provide, for the first time, a standardized deployment with scalability, quality of service, performance, redundancy, and reliability at the forefront. Designed by Network Services, this new deployment will be flexible, adaptable, and capable of accommodating additionally complex and varying requirements that may arise through faculty, staff, and researcher initiatives.

Other benefits include:

  • All ports are 1G with POE+
  • Where possible, uplinks are 10G or more
  • Switches configured as a cluster in telecommunication rooms (TR) where multiple switches are needed
    • Provides one configuration point for Network Services staff
    • Increases redundancy for clients

In with the new, out with the old (and unused)

During the upgrade process, IST is removing the old networking equipment and cables, deploying new equipment with a port density to support the demand in the specific building (or floor). At the end of this clean up process networking equipment is better organized, more accessible, and in compliance with the telecommunication room (TR) guidelines established for campus. 

IST has upgraded and organized 73 of 437 TR's. 

Douglas Wright Engineering building telecommications room before image

Douglas Wright Engineering TR, before 

Douglas Wright Engineering telecommunications room after image

Douglas Wright Engineering TR, after


Is that port active?

Network port with jack lockout in placeAs part of this work, IST is also installing jack lockouts (i.e. little yellow plugs) that help clients quickly and easily identify data connections that are not active.

Need a port activated? Simply submit a request to IST, and within one hour of receiving the request, the port will be active. IST has received excellent feedback on this initiative as the jack lockouts help to eliminate any unnecessary troubleshooting by the client before determining a port was not live to begin with; a frustrating process that has delayed the activation of ports by hours or even days. 

The campus network upgrade is a centrally funded project, equipment for which was purchased, with a substantial discount, from Cisco.