Quantum breakthroughs and leading with impact

Message from the President of the University

University of Waterloo President and Vice-Chancellor Feridun HamdullahpurThe world is in the midst of a seismic shift technologically, scientifically and socially.

The forces at the core of these shifts includes the next generation of computing and there is no doubt that the University of Waterloo and the IQC will continue to be home to the discoveries and opportunities that await from this maturing field of research. The global challenges quantum computing can help us find solutions to are complex in nature. IQC is more than at the forefront of finding these solutions, it is the heartbeat of a thriving Quantum Valley right here in Waterloo, Ontario.

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible is built into our DNA. It drives our curiosity, our dedication to fundamental research and the power of collaboration. Collaboration is at the centre of IQC as it is home to some of the most brilliant quantum researchers in the Faculties of Engineering, Math and Science.

It is no easy task to leverage quantum mechanics and harness it for the betterment of our world, and yet, IQC researchers are doing just that and changing the face of science and  industry at the same time.

The strides IQC has made in quantum computing continue to reverberate around the world. The industries that are being invented and reinvented by quantum discoveries made at Waterloo are being recognized and lauded by our global peers.

The quantum revolution is upon us and thanks to the University of Waterloo and IQC, Canada is emerging as the global leader.