Building the quantum workforce

Message from the Graduate Program Director

Chris WilsonThe world is on the brink of another information technology revolution, this time driven by emerging quantum technologies. It will take a highly skilled workforce to discover innovative applications for quantum technologies that will transform the way we live, work and play. The Quantum Information Graduate Program at the University of Waterloo prepares students not only to participate in this quantum revolution, but to lead it.

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We need well-rounded scientists to tackle the complex obstacles to the next innovations in quantum science. Students in the Quantum Information program are immersed in a multidisciplinary environment integrating seven departments across the Faculties of Math, Science and Engineering. This diverse exposure equips them with the skills necessary to compete and succeed in a complex quantum economy. A mix of learning through scientific research and advanced courses seamlessly integrates the study of theory and experiment, preparing our students to usher in the next quantum revolution.

This year, IQC graduate students were collectively awarded over 169 separate awards, a testament to the calibre of researchers attracted to the program. The success of our alumni is also a testament to the quality of the program; the graduates of the Quantum Information program have gone on to excel in academia, industry and government, both within Ontario and around the world.

Our students are the foundation of the breakthroughs happening every day at IQC. Through the exploration of fundamental and applied scientific research, they will help develop the technology—and discover the applications—that will fuel the quantum future.