Quantum momentum

Message from the Chair of the Executive Committee

Chair of the IQC executive committee Charmaine DeanScientists at the IQC are driving the future of quantum research with tremendous momentum.

Although a powerful exploration of quantum physics has challenged and transformed information and technologies in decades past, building the quantum industry is now on the horizon.

Quantum information science is already generating new discoveries in health care, information technology, security, along with natural resource development, climate and the environment, but it’s the quantum industry that will drive economic growth and development. I look toward this global transformation with certainty that a well-defined vision at IQC is steering the way as researchers embrace this challenge.

IQC’s home is in the heart of Canada’s Quantum Valley, but a vast and extensive network of partners continues to develop and leverage new opportunities and funding to support infrastructure, build intellectual capacity, and develop new technologies. Seventeen years after the establishment of IQC and amidst a long-term culture at the University of Waterloo that values the discovery of fundamental research, seizes opportunities for transformation, and thrives on collaborative and interdisciplinary research, there’s no doubt that this immense research strength will play a leading role.

By harnessing the power of quantum research, together IQC and Waterloo continue to shape the next Quantum Revolution.