Quantum startups

There are 17 startups that have spun out of quantum research at IQC, a number that continues to grow. The University of Waterloo has a unique concentration of quantum researchers, from theorists to experimentalists, embedded in an entrepreneurial ecosystem. It’s a game-changing mix that is moving research from the whiteboard to the lab to the marketplace.

Quantum technologies are emerging from the lab and entering the marketplace. With more than 250 researchers within 1 km working to advance the science and commercial impact of quantum technologies, the Region of Waterloo is a prime location for the newly evolving quantum ecosystem.

IQC researchers have launched the following spin-offs:

molecules and a plus sign





Aquabits creates disruptive technology for quantum computing and quantum information processing. 

Inspired by the transport of water molecules in naturally occurring proteins called Aquaporins, Aquabits has invented a novel, simple, and low-cost method to trap ions inside artificial water channels. 

Their new method circumvents the need of using bulky lasers and expensive micro-nano fabrication techniques, thereby creating an unparalleled potential of a scalable multi-qubit system. 

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Aegis Quantum supports the development and commercialization of quantum cryptography and quantum communication systems. They provide consulting and support for design, implementation, testing, and vulnerability assessment of quantum cryptography systems. The company also develops their our own quantum cryptography systems and components. 

BioGraph Sense




BioGraph Sense Inc. provides enhanced electronic solutions for biosensing and backplane electronics applications. BioGraph Sense has developed a nanoelectronics technology using graphene-based materials that enables 1000x enhanced performance in devices such as sensors, biosensors, and nano/micro electronics. 

evolutionQ logo



evolutionQ is a leading quantum-safe cybersecurity company that helps organizations prepare themselves for quantum computers. 

The recent advancements related to quantum computers have led to a growing need for organizations to migrate to quantum-safe cryptography. With the future in mind, evolutionQ aims to help organizations future-proof their digital systems to ensure they are prepared for the threat posed by quantum computers. 

Foqus logo



Foqus provides solutions based on Quantum Information algorithms and Machine Learning techniques to enhance the sensitivity of Magnetic Resonance Technology. Their algorithms enhance the resolution of Magnetic Resonance faster, cheaper, and higher resolution to help doctors with the early detection of disease.

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High Q Technologies develops quantum-enabled scientific instruments for ultra-high sensitivity biophysical and chemical analysis. By applying modern microwave quantum optics techniques to electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy, they aim to redefine the standard in protein structure determination, the future of drug discovery, and the development of novel therapeutics. 

Neutron Optics




Neutron Optics is a design and build firm that specializes in developing beam-line control elements for neutron and X-Ray facilities. 

Northern Quantum Lights





QEYnet logo





QEYnet's mission is to build the world's first global quantum key distribution network, thereby enabling a new era of ultra-secure communication.QEYnet will capitalize on the recent is Newspace revolution of the space industry with private industry missions to execute missions that would have previously only been possible for large government-funded programs. Their goal is to build out a constellation of Quantum Key Distribution satellites.  

Q block computing logo

Q-Block Computing Inc.




Q-Block Computing Inc. works to realize fault-tolerant quantum systems from atoms and photons. They develop quantum-inspired hardware solutions to think about big questions at the forefront of our understanding of science. These tools are then commercialized to be useful for other tasks in society with unparalleled return.

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QuantumLaf is a consulting company that advises government, industry and academia on quantum technologies including quantum computing, cryptography and sensors. 

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Quantum Benchmark’s mission is to enable quantum computers to solve real-world problems. They are the leading provider of software solutions that enable error diagnostics, error suppression and performance validation software for quantum computing hardware. 

Keysight Technologies, Inc., a leading technology company that delivers advanced design and validation solutions to help accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, acquired Quantum Benchmark in May 2021. 

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Qubic is developing a new quantum technology of microwave transmitters and receivers for telecommunications and remote sensing applications. Their goal is to provide information with an unprecedented level of detail to optimize critical decision making to unlock the quantum potential of microwave signals to produce more correlations and filter noise better, allowing for the detection of weaker signals more efficiently. 

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Single Quantum Systems focuses on quantum optical systems for sensing and communication. Their work focuses on developing quantum LIDAR systems, improved single photon detectors, advanced quantum correlation algorithms, and other novel tools to exploit sensitivity and accuracy advantages of quantum technologies. 

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SoftwareQ is working to ensure businesses are fully prepared to benefit from the quantum revolution, developing the software needed to correctly operate quantum platforms, ranging from simple quantum devices to full scale quantum computers. Their products include reliable quantum compilers, optimizer, simulators and software for the highly dynamic landscape of quantum computing.

Spinq logo






SpinQ provides solutions in quantum computing, promoting the commercialization and popularization of quantum computing by means of technology R&D and commercial landings. SpinQ has a wide range of expertise in superconducting quantum computers, desktop NMR quantum computers, general quantum computing cloud platforms to, as well as software for the areas of scientific research, education, drug research and development, financial technology, artificial intelligence, and many other frontier technologies. 

UQ Devices logo



Universal Quantum Devices provides versatile and robust electronics for time-tagging and coincidence counting measurements. Designed with state-of-the-art quantum optics research in mind. 

Their products are driven and inspired by the cutting edge research and development that will lead to quantum technologies of the future.