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‘Lattice surgery’ entangles fault-tolerant topological qubits

PhysicsWorld 01/14/2021

New Canadian quantum network the latest development in a rapidly-expanding industry

We Rep STEM 11/25/2020

The quest to build a reliable quantum computer

University Affairs 10/14/2020

Canadian quantum computing firms partner to spread the technology

Financial Post 10/06/2020
AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Braket BusinessWire 08/13/2020

Quantum computing might finally have solution to its biggest problem, researchers say

International Business Times 08/12/2020

Canada’s 5G Moment Of Truth

Forbes 06/24/2020

Macular degeneration diagnostic tool hidden in plain sight

UWaterloo 06/19/2020

Graced With Knowledge, Mathematicians Seek to Understand

Quanta Magazine 04/08/2020

Fujitsu Laboratories and Quantum Benchmark Begin Joint Research on Algorithms with Error Suppression for Quantum Computing

Fujitsu 03/25/2020

Google launches machine learning framework for training quantum models

Tech Radar 03/10/2020

Canadian expert says Honeywell’s quantum computer could be ‘remarkable’

IT World Canada 03/06/2020

Quantum researchers able to split one photon into three

UWaterloo 02/27/2020

Should decision makers be concerned by the threat of quantum?

Information Age 02/24/2020
Hype Alert: Where the Buzz About Quantum Computing Is Wrong Toolbox 02/20/2020
The quantum entrepreneur: Joseph Emerson The Globe and Mail 02/04/2020
5 Things You Should Know About Quantum Computing Toolbox 01/27/2020