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2023 media coverage and press releases

Article title Source Date

Q and A with the experts: The importance of quantum-safe cyber security today and for the future

University of Waterloo 08/14/2023

D-Wave Announces Collaborations to Advance Quantum Coherence

D-Wave 07/26/2023

Quantum encryption seeks its first – and final – frontier

Tech Monitor 06/07/2023

Connecting Canada’s Quantum Networks

University of Waterloo 05/23/2023
The Mike Farwell Show (at 1:25:45 timestamp)

CityNews 570

Quantum Connects Us University of Waterloo 04/14/2023
Using quantum technologies to make precise early-stage diagnosis University of Waterloo 03/29/2023

Connecting Canada and Europe through quantum satellite communication

University of Waterloo 03/06/2023

New discovery may be key to controlling chemical reactions

University of Waterloo 02/01/2023

University of Waterloo receives Quantum Horizon funding award

University of Waterloo 01/26/2023
Waterloo professor to lead Quantum Advisory Council under new National Quantum Strategy University of Waterloo 01/16/2023

Ottawa unveils $360-million strategy for quantum tech boom

The Globe and Mail 01/13/2023
Millions for quantum research announced in Waterloo Waterloo Region Record 01/13/2023
Preparing businesses for the quantum era University of Waterloo 01/09/2023
What's next for quantum computing MIT Technology Review 01/06/2023

2022 media coverage and press releases

Article title Source Date
Are we there yet? It's still the key question about quantum computing The Globe and Mail 12/15/2022
New quantum tool developed in groundbreaking experimental achievement University of Waterloo 11/21/2022
Waterloo: Quantum Valley Waterloo EDC 10/27/2022
Subatomic MRI could lead to new drug therapies University of Waterloo 10/26/2022

Quantum technology for real world impact

University of Waterloo 10/21/2022

11 Top Experts: Quantum Top Trends 2023 And 2030

Forbes 08/19/2022

UW scientist tapped to lead quantum-safe security for country

Waterloo Region Record 08/16/2022
SandboxAQ Announces Partnership with evolutionQ as part of its New Strategic Investment Program Canadian Insider 08/02/2022

Canada lays the groundwork to become a powerhouse in quantum technology

Science Business 06/23/2022

University of Waterloo quantum expert-led evolutionQ aims to help orgs “prepare for the Quantum Age”

Betakit 06/13/2022
Quantum computers could read every email you’ve sent Waterloo Region Record 05/27/2022
Faculty of Mathematics professors named University Research Chairs University of Waterloo 05/20/2022
Quantum is great! But don’t throw ‘the phone in your pocket’ away Dataquest 05/11/2022
Research breakthrough means warp speed ‘Unruh effect’ can finally be tested in lab settings University of Waterloo 05/09/2022
'We are at the cusp': One of Waterloo Region's original quantum researchers says world-changing breakthroughs are near Waterloo Region Record 04/19/2022
10 Universities unleashing the best quantum computing research Analytics Insight 04/15/2022
Quantum computing movies: How realistic are they? Built In 01/31/2022
Five organizations leading the quantum revolution in Waterloo Waterloo EDC 01/21/2022
The next big computing revolution University of Waterloo 01/10/2022
New quantum imaging could lead to a better understanding of diseases University of Waterloo 01/06/2022