QUANTUM: The Exhibition features interactive activities, games and videos to engage visitors in quantum concepts including superposition, entanglement and wave/particle duality. It opens to the public on Friday, October 14 at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener and runs until January 2017.

“We often hear from people that quantum science is intimidating,” said Tobi Day-Hamilton, associate director communications and strategic initiatives at IQC. “From the beginning, our goal in developing QUANTUM was to engage people of all ages in a fun and unique way. A lot of amazing quantum research takes place right in our own backyard and we want to share this great work with our fellow Canadians.”

At 4,000 square feet, this interactive, travelling exhibition is the first of its kind and also serves to highlight Canada’s leadership in quantum information science and technology.

“In many ways, it is Canadian researchers who are leading the development of new quantum technologies that will transform our lives,” explains Raymond Laflamme, IQC’s executive director. “This exhibition explores these technologies and how they will inevitably change the world.”

The exhibition is part of Innovation150, which will tour Canada throughout 2017 — Canada’s sesquicentennial year — to celebrate scientific innovation in Canada’s past, present and future.  Partners in Innovation150 are the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Actua, the Canadian Association of Science Centres and the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation.

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