The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) harnesses the quantum laws of nature to develop powerful new technologies. Our interdisciplinary research spans theory and experiment, fosters collaborations across science borders, focusing on four core research areas:

Quantum computingQuantum computing: Harnessing the quantum behaviour of atoms, molecules and nanoelectronic circuits for a radically different, and fundamentally more powerful way of computing.

  • Impact examples: finding catalysts for carbon capture, drug design

Quantum communicationsQuantum communication: Developing ultra-secure communication channels and global quantum networks by leveraging the power of the quantum world.

  • Impact examples: quantum-safe cryptography, satellite-based global quantum networks

Quantum sensingQuantum sensing: Using quantum mechanics for new sensors with significant increases in sensitivity, selectivity and efficiencies.

  • Impact examples: early cancer detection, improved geological exploration

Quantum materialsQuantum materials: Engineering materials with unique quantum properties for the development of advanced quantum processors and devices.

  • Impact examples: practical quantum devices, high-capacity energy storage, zero-loss electricity transportation

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