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The research at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) is aimed at harnessing the quantum world and transforming the scientific and industrial landscape. At the deepest level of the atomic world, the laws of physics are governed by quantum mechanics, which imposes fundamental physical limits to controlling systems. Quantum information science and technology provide the framework to understand and utilize quantum properties of nature. The approach at IQC aims to take advantage of a critical mass of researchers in mathematics, physical science and engineering. We are focusing on three main applications:

  • Computing, which is the manipulation and storage of information
  • Communication, which relates to the transmission, and
  • Sensing, which is related to the detection of signal or stimuli that could allow us to navigate the nanoscopic world.

Quantum mechanics allows these applications to be more efficient and more precise than what can be done using classical devices using a similar amount of resources.

The development of quantum sensors, quantum communications and quantum information systems will harness quantum phenomena and use them for a technological advantage. The development of practical quantum sensors and actuators will find its first applications in the realm of nanotechnology as tools for navigating and controlling the nanoscopic world. As we harness the quantum world, quantum computers will become reality.

IQC’s research breadth spans from the foundations of quantum information science to the development of quantum technologies; some experiments focus on the nano-scale, while others world on the planetary scale via satellite.

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