The power of quantum research

The Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) harnesses the quantum laws of nature to develop powerful new technologies. Our interdisciplinary research spans theory and experiment; fosters collaborations across science borders; and focuses on four core research areas:

The immense power of the quantum world will lead us into the next industrial shift. See how by watching our Welcome to the quantum revolution video.

IQC's vibrant community brings together scientists, mathematicians and engineers to advance quantum opportunities. Explore the advances our theoretical and experimental researchers are leading in their research groups.

2,000+publications since 2002 with 51,000+ citations
300+researcher community, including 32 reserach groups
165+active awards and grants
7Research chairs
270+collaborations worldwide
200+graduate students and 55+ postdoctoral fellows
100+invitations to IQC faculty to give talks worldwide

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Quantum computing

Harnessing the quantum behaviour of atoms, molecules and nanoelectronic circuits for a radically different, and fundamentally more powerful way of computing.

Potential quantum computing impacts

  • security
  • optimization
  • simulation of physical, chemical and biological processes
  • drug and material design

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Quantum communication

Developing ultra-secure communication channels and global quantum networks by leveraging the power of the quantum world.

Potential quantum communication impacts

  • security, privacy and cryptography
  • satellite-based global quantum networks

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Quantum sensing

Using quantum mechanics for new sensors with significant increases in sensitivity, selectivity and efficiencies.

Potential quantum sensing impacts

  • early cancer detection and improved cancer treatment
  • improved geological exploration
  • structural biology
  • defence

quantum materials

Quantum materials

Engineering materials with unique quantum properties for the development of advanced quantum processors and devices.

Potential quantum materials impacts

  • foundation of practical quantum devices
  • high-capacity energy storage
  • zero-loss electricity transportation

Welcome to the quantum revolution

Ray Laflamme shares an overview of how quantum is leading society into the next major revolution and its potential future impacts.