Average temperatures during the year

Waterloo experiences a wide range of weather, from hot and humid summers to very cold winters. We have four distinct seasons: summer, fall/autumn, winter, and spring. 

Daylight savings time is observed in the spring and fall/autumn, which means that on the second Sunday of March you'll set your clock forward one hour. On the first Sunday in November, you'll set your clock back one hour. 

leaf iconFall 

Summer warmth often lingers into September, but it becomes cooler as October nears, especially at night. November, in particular, can be a windy and rainy month. Sweaters, hoodies and lighter jackets are popular at this time of year. 

snowflake iconWinter

Winters are cold with regular snowfalls and 5-20 cm snow on the ground between December and March. In Waterloo, we also experience high winds and drifting snow. Temperatures may drop below -20C. Layering your clothes and wearing a winter jacket, gloves, hat and scarf will keep you warm. 

flower iconSpring

Spring often starts off cool and rainy, and sometimes an unexpected snowfall will happen in March and even April. But in May, the weather becomes mild and sunny. Rain jackets and umbrellas are popular items at this time of year. 

sun iconSummers

Summers are from June to September and are usually very warm and sunny. The temperature can rise to around 30C and conditions can become hazy, hot and humid in July and August. Sun screen and proper hydration will protect you from the heat and light clothing will keep you cool.