Research Methodology and Approach

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LEAP comprises five interlinked Work Packages (WP):

LEAP workpackage graphic

WP1: Framing, Coordination and Dissemination

Develops the practical and analytical framework to implement LEAP. It creates the protocols to assess and report progress, provides opportunities for communication and refinement of project goals, and ensures broad dissemination of research products.

Lead: Philippe VanCappellen (UW)

WP2: Biophysical Analysis of Nutrient Legacies

Focuses on data synthesis and development of modelling tools to quantify time-dependent trajectories of N and P accumulation and mobilization in agroecosystems.

Lead: Jerker Jarsö (SU)

WP3: Hydroeconomics of Agricultural Nutrient Legacies

Will develop a hydro-economic decision support framework with the intent of linking economic drivers and impacts of past and present agricultural practices to water quality.

Lead: Soren Olsen (UCPH)

WP4: Uncertainties and Risk Management

Will develop and test an integrated framework for decision-support under uncertainty for the exemplar sites using Bayesian Belief Networks (BBN).

Lead: Maria Cunha (UC)

WP5: Upscaling Adaptation Portfolios

Will focus on integration of the results of WP2, WP3 and WP4 into a LEAP agroecosystem Typology and provide Adaptation Portfolios for managing uncertainty.

Lead: Nandita Basu (UW)