Student Life

Fall 2018

St. Paul's staff wearing yellow Thrive week t-shirts pose near the front entrance

St. Paul's staff participated in Thrive week (a campus-wide mental health and wellness awareness initiative) by visiting and checking in on students in the College and handing out treat.

Our very own Madeline Leblanc to represent Canada at the World StandUp Paddleboard Championships!

MaddieCongratulations to  Maddi Leblanc, the ever-smiling Community Animator for GreenHouse! Maddi has been selected as one of six members of the Canadian team heading to China for World StandUp Paddleboard (SUP) Championships Nov. 23 to Dec. 2.

Maddi is part of the Environment, Resource & Sustainability program (ERS) at the University of Waterloo, which allows her to study a wide range of subjects, from science to politics.  Her time at UW has done more than just prepare her for a career path in outdoor education; it has taught her how she can give back to her community.

After losing two friends to cancer, Maddi was determined to involve her community of Welland in commemorating their lives, so she created a cancer research fundraiser named, On Board. On Board is an annual Stand Up Paddle Board 5km ride down the Welland Canal in Welland, Ontario that raises funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.

On Board is important to Welland and other communities because it brings people together to not only remember Julia and Lynn, but to continue teaching the life values that they lived for. On Board has taught me that you can achieve anything if you put your mind and dedication towards that. I have learned to take that attitude and put it towards my school work as well, and it has helped me be successful.

Maddi has practiced her sport competitively for the past three years, but the World Championships in China will certainly present her with the toughest competition she has ever faced. An additional challenge will be that the races will take plan on open ocean. 

This is like the Olympics of SUP. Everybody from around the world is going to be there. You're pretty much competing against the best of the best.

Maddie Boad

Introducing Rick O'lantern 

The residence floors took part in an annual pumpkin carving contest for Halloween. The winning floor was La Bastille for their likeness of none other than Principal Rick. 

Rick Myers and a student from La Bastille hold up the winning jack o'lantern, carved to resemble Rick

We think the likeness is striking. Rick approved!

Dons vs Rookies basketball challenge

St. Paul's is home to seven rookie members of the Varsity Women's Warriors basketball team and supports the team through the booster club. 

To drum up interest in the booster club, the Dons challenged the rookies to a friendly 5 on 5 game in the St. Jerome's gymnasium. 

The final score? Let's just say the Dons came to play. The rookies absolutely did not "let them win".