Student Life

Spring 2018


The Tom Dabrowski Impact Award was established in 2015 in memory of Tom Dabrowski who lived at St. Paul’s beginning in 1972. As a St. Paul’s resident, he was well known for bringing people together and fostering a sense of community. He is remembered fondly by friends for his fun, outgoing personality and for organizing soccer games and other friendly competitions.

Students were invited to nominate members of the St. Paul’s student community who went above and beyond to positively impact the experience of their fellow residents, and we were delighted to recognize two deserving recipients with the inaugural award.


Presented by Gloire Gatabazi, Don of Dungeon and La Bastille

“Junee’s passion for building a community is something that can be attested not just by her friends, but also the whole Dungeon and La Bastille floor and the entire College. Besides being a great friend, whom her peers can rely on in times of need, she was also an amazing volleyball captain for the St. Paul’s intramural volleyball team, famously known as G’s Homies. This term Junee led G’s Homies to the finals in a very intense game of volleyball. Last term Junee custommade certificates for her players, each one with a personalized message which shows how special the players were to Junee.

Junee is one of the Activities Council floor representatives for Dungeon and La Bastille. She has created lasting memories among her floor mates by engaging others in fun activities like teaching dance moves, developing a floor mantra (stack-a-dish) and nicknames for some of her floor mates.”


Presented by Elizabeth Fletcher, Residence Life Community Coordinator

“Daniel has been an incredible asset to the residence community since he moved into St. Paul’s this fall. He brings a positive energy to all events and goes above and beyond to enrich the lives of his peers. He supports the St. Paul’s community by being an active member of the Greenteam and can be found supporting the booster club for the women’s basketball team; he claims to be the second biggest fan in the college.

Daniel always rallies other students together; to create music in Alumni Hall, to start conga lines at the dance, and to play foosball in the cafeteria. He is the guy that makes events fun and leads by example. During Blackforest, he got the crowd excited with his performances and keeps his teammates spirits high during the college’s intramural volleyball games. He not only participates in all aspects of residence life but encourages others to participate and has encouraged others to create a meaningful residence experience while making the most of his own. He is always willing to lend a helping hand or a word of advice to a friend. The St. Paul’s residence community would not be the same without him.”


The Women in Engineering Living Learning Community (LLC) launched in September 2017 with 44 women, representing all engineering disciplines. The live-in program works to support the unique needs of first-year, female identifying students in their engineering program. The living-learning community helps bridge the gap between what happens in the classroom and residence. Participants are able to live with others who will be in the program for the rest of their undergraduate years, and develop personal relationships and supportive networks.

The students benefit from the support of upper-year peer leaders, who help guide them through their transition to university and help foster connections between the community members. The peer leaders ran several events throughout the term which included an ironing party (where the women picked out their interview clothes and ironed the outfits) and what were referred to as “de-stress socials” during midterms.

The Residence Life team at St. Paul’s and Women in Engineering are looking forward to continuing to provide a welcoming community through this unique LLC. Plans are underway to pilot a similar LLC for male international engineering students in Fall 2018.