Academic News and Other Notes

Spring 2018


Teferi MergoTeferi Mergo, an assistant professor at the University of Waterloo with joint appointments at St. Paul’s University College and the department of Economics, was recently appointed a Fellow of the Global Labor Organization (GLO). This non-partisan, independent organization serves as an international network and virtual platform for researchers and policy makers.

GLO Fellows are appointed by the executive board of the organization, based on merit, active collaboration, and quality contributions. “It is an honour to be a part of a research network that includes some of the prominent economists today,” said Mergo, who has been at St. Paul’s since July 2014.

He added, “The network is a great platform for the production and dissemination of policy-relevant scientific knowledge, including – but not limited to – the implications of the constantly evolving global labour markets; the challenges we face today due to migration, refugees, and other demographic changes; and the nexus between globalization and economic outcomes.”

Mergo studies the causal impacts of various policy interventions and institutions on development, with emphasis on the African continent. His work has been published in Science and World Development, and he currently teaches in the International Development program.


Mavis FennMavis Fenn will be retiring from the St. Paul’s faculty at the end of June. Mavis has been a Professor of Religious Studies at the College for over twenty years. She is a specialist in Buddhism and taught Religions of the East each year, one of the largest courses in the Department of Religious Studies. She also taught a popular course on Death and Dying. Mavis is an engaging teacher who has a gift for injecting personal anecdotes, often amusing, into her academic lectures. She has served as Interim Academic Dean at St. Paul’s and as Chair of the University of Waterloo’s Department of Religious Studies. Mavis has been a warm and good-humored member of the St. Paul’s community and we will miss her!