Letters to the editor

We thought readers might be interested in Alberto Moniz’s letter, which he originally sent to Geoff Rayner-Canham.

  • I'm just writing to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your article in Chem 13 News this month. Thank you for contributing some quantitative meat to the bare bone ideas I was trying to get across.

I was particularly happy to see your diagrams, especially of the magnesium fluorides. This is absolutely tailor-made to my teaching of this topic, and I plan to incorporate it into my teaching practice starting this month — a very helpful contribution.

Chem 13 News at its best — relevant, useful and classroom-ready.

Alberto Moniz
Streetsville Secondary School
Streetsville ON

Geoff responded to Alberto:

Thank you. If it had not been for your article initially, I would not have thought of expanding upon the theme. So thank you, too.

  • I would like the following acknowledgment to be added to my article, “When 2 minus 1 is not equal to 2 minus 1: a discrepant event”, February 2012/Chem 13 News.

Acknowledgement:  Jean Hein, for her idea to see the demonstration also as an example of “a discrepant event”, her hard work in editing the article, and the idea of making the instructions of the home-made balance a Shout-out.

Yours Sincerely,

Emil Lozanov
Wayne State University, Detroit MI