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Chem 13 News December 2019 coverDecember 2019

Carey BissonnetteNovember 2019

OOctober issuectober 2019

September 2019 front cover of Chem 13 NewsSeptember 2019

April 2019 front cover of Chem 13 NewsMay 2019

eggs in shaving cream mixed with bright swirls of colours  April 2019

a small amount of solution that appears to be fluorescing red from the sides and appears green on top in a 100 mL beakerMarch 2019

Sunlight shining through a bottom of a flask with crystals making them appear blue - a hand is holding the flaskFebruary 2019

Dec 2018 / Jan 2019 front cover of Chem 13 NewsDecember 2018 - January 2019

a puddle of water on a thermochromic plastic - colours look like an eye with a very blue centreNovember 2018

two boys with goggles and blue gloves stretching out a piece of slime in the labOctober 2018

September issue cover with a colourful painting in Picasso style with chemistry symbols and models on an easel September 2018

MMay 2018 cover of Chem 13 News with about 20 hands in a circle, each holding a colourful stirring roday 2018

daisy that are glowing under black lightApril 2018

three layers of material in a large test tube -- green bottom, copper coloured middle and a white layer March 2018

a large round bottom flask with a light blue solution on the bottom, a darker blue solution layer on top and yellow gas exiting.February 2018

Christmas tree with small Erlenmeyer flasks and test tubes containing fluorescent liquid.December 2017 - January 2018

Small vials showing various visible fluorescent dyes along the visible light spectrum.November 2017

A beaker with dry ice with a pumpkin in the background.October 2017

Heating up a metal sheet on a table and smoke is given off.September 2017

Test tubes in a test tube rack with blue and red solutions.May 2017

Erlenmeyer flask capped with watch glass with combustion reaction inside.April 2017

Room with bright light, showing rainbow light spreading.March 2017

Metallic brown and grey rocks.February 2017

A gray circle with a dark triangle in the centre that seems to have dark tree-like branches.December 2016 - January 2017

Colourful fire.November 2016

Laboratory technician pouring dry ice.October 2016

Sparks resembling fireworks shooting out of a beaker.September 2016

Spiky frozen crystals.May 2016

Crocheted beakers, test tubes and Bunsen burner.April 2016

White flame in bowl.March 2016

Student starting a spark between two rocks.February 2016

Drawings of lab equipment arranged to make a Christmas tree.December 2015 - January 2016

Smoke and light in a bowl with cover removed.November 2015

 at a lemolenade stand, molenstein, on a woman’s shoulder, whack-a-mole in a box and in a phone booth.October 2015

Purple powder and smoke.September 2015

Student with a flame on her hand.May 2015

Metal creating bubbles in blue liquid.April 2015

A bottle with blue flames inside and coming out of the top.March 2015

Valentines cards of famous chemists.February 2015

DA collection of chemistry-themed Christmas trees.ecember 2014 - January 2015

Bunsen burner and burning substance held in the flame by tongs.November 2014

Mole day greeting card with four images of Avogadro in different colours.October 2014

Large soap bubble with colourful refracted light on surface.September 2014

Student creating flame from test tube.May 2014

Six brown eggs glowing red in a carton. The carton is glowing blue under UV light.April 2014

Dropper and white vapour exiting a bottle.March 2014

Hand igniting a lighter.February 2014

Christmas tree made of colourful flasks and bows.December 2013 - January 2014

Student creating flames on a ramp.November 2013

Periodic table made of Rice Crispies.October 2013

Three coins floating on water in a bowl.September 2013

Grass with water droplets; bubble on a bubble wand.May 2013

Flames shooting up from the ground on a lawn.April 2013

Metal and crystals in a beaker in blue liquid.March 2013

White crystals seemed to be pouring out of an Erlenmeyer flask into a petri dish.February 2013

Christmas tree made from retort stand, clamps, and flasks.December 2012 - January 2013

Beakers holding various coloured liquids.November 2012

Cartoon with moles, moving truck and movers.October 2012

Young students mesmerized by bubbles.September 2012

Student with fizz shooting out of a pop bottle.May 2012

Falling water droplets.April 2012

Green crystals in a flower shape.March 2012

February 2012 cover photo Chem 13 NewsFebruary 2012