Chemistry highlights at 2015 STAO/APSO

Jean Hein.Carey Bissonnette.Some things never change, or do they? Updating your chemistry notes
Thurs 9:00

Carey Bissonnette
University of Waterloo
Editorial Board, Chem 13 News

Jean Hein
Chem 13 News

We’ll discuss modern interpretations of some of the most fundamental and important concepts in chemistry: things like atomic mass, the hydrogen bond, oxidation state and entropy. We will focus on our approach in 1st year at the University of Waterloo.

Joe Schwarcz.Celebrity Science
Thurs 10:30

Joe Schwarcz
McGill University

Celebrities these days are dispensing their version of scientific wisdom. Actress Suzanne Somers offers opinions on cancer treatment, chef Jamie Oliver serves up stories about beaver gland extracts in ice cream, and the “Food Babe” objects to eating anything that contains chemicals. Dr. Oz sells homeopathic starter kits and dispenses unscientific dogma about agrochemicals. Anyone involved with chemical education, whether it be for students or the public, needs to be aware of the activities of celebrities who can greatly influence opinions about chemistry

Jonathan Witt.Barry Warner.Rohan Jayasundera.Preparing for Takeoff
Fri 12:00

Rohan Jayasundera, Barry Warner, Jonathan Witt, Carey Bissonnette
University of Waterloo Science Teaching Fellows

This problem-solving session aims to ease your student’s transition from high school to university teaching. Receive sample materials and discuss with university lecturers how to prepare students for differences they will encounter.

Michael Jansen.Some Ideas for Teaching Grade 12 Chemistry (Fri 1:30)
Some Ideas for Teaching Grade 11 Chemistry (Fri 3:00)

Michael Jansen
Crescent School
Editorial Board, Chem 13 News

Michael Jansen will share successful strategies for teaching Grade 11, 12, AP Chemistry: handouts, labs, demonstrations, and an approach to PowerPoint lessons. Michael’s ideas just might enhance your teaching and your students' learning — hey, stranger things have happened.