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From 1968 to 2019 - more than 50 years! - the Department of Chemistry at the University of Waterloo published an informal magazine for teachers of introductory chemistry courses, especially at the high school and year one college levels. Approximately 1,200 teachers from over 20 different countries continue to subscribe. Many of our authors are high school teachers.

Chem 13 News Magazine coversOur publication online goes back to 2012 and is freely accessible! We encourage you to explore our archive of over 600 articles, lessons, and other chemistry teaching resources. These include:

  • teaching ideas;
  • experiments and demonstrations;
  • background articles;
  • contests and puzzles;
  • humour and cartoons; and
  • book reviews.

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Browse through extra material to supplement current articles, themed activities, and old website material.


the University of Waterloo periodic table project with artwork for each elemental tile Our Timeline of Elements, Medeleev Mosaic and Periodic Table Projects

Collaborative student-designed projects. Access our free mobile app, mural and posters.

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Chem 13 News and Avogadro exams are offered onlne through the University of Waterloo every May. Register your students today!  

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