Mole Day fun

Sue Bober, Schaumburg High School, Schaumburg IL provided these fun photos of her students’ Mole Day creations. Sue is pictured in the top-right photo and is an active member of the National Mole Day Foundation.

This year, Mole Day — October 23 — falls on a Friday. You can have students create moles, like Sue, play a short mole-oriented game or make an edible periodic table. You may be surprised by how much your students enjoy this celebration in chemistry. Find information, ideas and sharing opportunities at the National Mole Day Foundation website,

And remember to email your ideas and photos to Chem 13 News to share with fellow chemistry teachers. The mole the merrier.

a collage of stuffed moles -- LeMOLEnode stand; MOLEstein; Sue Bober with a red mole on her shoulder; Whack-a-MOLE; and Dr. Who