Stacey's top ten lab rules

Stacey’s Top 10 Lab Rules poster. 1. Wear safety glasses and lab coat in the lab at all times. 2. Do not pipet directly from a stock bottle. 3. Label all glassware so the contents are identifiable. 4. Wash your hands after touching chemicals, and before leaving the lab. 5. Do not dispose of laboratory chemicals in the sink. 6. As soon as possible, replace lids securely on reagents. 7. Invert volumetric flasks at least 13 times to mix contents. 8. Do not put excess chemicals back into the original containers. 9. If you don't know how to use it, don't touch it. 10. My lab, my rules!!Stacey Lavery has these rules for students at the University of Waterloo. Do you have a “top ten lab rules” list? Share them with Chem 13 News readers. Email Jean Hein, *Note for Rule #7, just think of Chem 13 News.