Molympics 2018

Five iron rings from the lab put together to look like the five Olympic circles

Molympic iron rings (designed by Erico Uva, Montreal, Quebec)

Join us for the 6th annual Molympics on October 23, 2018

Are you stuck for lesson plans for this year’s Mole Day? Not planning that far ahead yet? That’s okay, we have a solution. How about having your chemistry students join the fun with other chemistry students for this year’s Molympics! Last year 52 schools registered and hundreds of students from across the United States and Southeastern Canada learned about the Mole by engaging in a fun inter-school competition.

2017 Participating schools 

molympics trophy with a gold cup on top Jonesboro HS, AR
Tanque Verde HS, AZ
Youngker HS, AZ
Canyon Springs HS, CA
James Monroe Senior HS, CA
Valhalla HS, CA
Classical Academy, CO
Windsor HS, CO
TB Doherty HS, CO
Wilton HS, CT
Woodstock Academy, CT
Model HS, GA
Indianola HS, IA
Edwardsville HS, IL

IC Catholic Prep, IL
Burlington HS, MA
Maynard HS, MA
St Mary’s Schools, MA
Allendale HS, MI
Hudsonville HS, MI
Pentwater Public HS, MI
Valley Lutheran HS, MI
Zeeland East/West HS, MI (winner)
Sartell HS, MN
Principia HS, MO
Hazelwood West HS, MO
Lewisburg HS, MS
Hants North Rural HS, NS
Commack HS, NY
Highland HS, OH
Hilliard Davidson HS, OH
Hoover HS, OH
Triway HS, OH
Urbana HS, OH
Waynesfield-Goshen HS, OH
West Geauga HS, OH
Georgetown District HS, ON
Moira SS, ON
South Huron HS, ON
St. Francis Xavier SS, ON
University of Toronto Schools, ON
Waterloo-Oxford District SS, ON
East Greenwich HS, RI
Sturgis Brown HS, SD
Azle HS, TX
Flatonia Secondary, TX
International Community School, WA
Seattle Academy of Arts & Science, WA
Mosinee HS, WI

A map of Canada with the seven schools labelled who participated in 2017 Molympics
A map of USA with the forty-five schools labelled who participated in 2017 Molympics

Five events challenge students to hone their skills of estimation, laboratory skills and an understanding of just what 6.02 x 1023 really means. Events include Tally Marks, Sponge Squeeze, Mole of Metals, Avogadro’s Fitness Challenge and the students’ favorite, Stopper Tower.

Complete descriptions of each event along with a detailed FAQ document for teachers can be found on the registration form at this link:

All events can be completed on Mole Day (October 23) or spread out over multiple days if you prefer. You could try one event each of the five days of National Chemistry Week. Use them with all of your chemistry classes or just a few. It’s up to you. The competition is open to students in all levels of high school chemistry including first year, honors and even AP & IB. If you are unsure about joining the official competition, no worries, you are welcome to try the events on your own. The materials necessary to
run each of the events are common equipment in a high school chemistry lab, and teacher preparation is equivalent to setting up an experiment. Again, all rules and event descriptions can be found in the link above, and these materials are completely free.

If you have additional questions, the contact information for the Molympics coordinators can be found in the teacher FAQ document linked to the registration form. You can read a more complete description of the competition in the October 2017 edition of Chem 13 News.

We would love to see this event grow, and we look forward to having you and your students join us for the 6th annual Molympics!

A class photo of the winning Molympics students with the Molympics trophy

Holy Mol-y we won! Mr. Grit's class was all smiles with the Molympics trophy. Zeeland, MI

Molympics is organized and run by high school chemistry teachers:

Wendy Czerwinski
Burlington High School
Burlington, Massachusetts

Ann Gardner
Mayfield High School
Las Cruces, New Mexico

LuAnn Lee
Waynesfield-Goshen High School
Waynesfield, Ohio

and the authors of this article.

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