2015 Chem 13 News and Avogadro prizes

Outstanding Achievement award for Chem 13 News Exam with rhodium and metal rose.Outstanding Achievement award for Avogadro’s exam with phosphorus and rocket.This year the top 200 students in the Chem 13 News exam and the Avogadro Exam received a periodic table tile plaque for Outstanding Achievement. We asked winners to upload photos to our online gallery of winners. Here are a few from our online gallery.

In the upcoming school year the exams will be written in May. Students from around the world are welcome to participate in these chemistry contests. Look for more announcements in upcoming issues of Chem 13 News.

A girl standing in front of periodic table with an award.

Natalie Beg, Michael Power/St. Joseph High School, Toronto ON.

A student in a classroom showing an award.

David Joun, Burnaby North Secondary School, Burnaby BC.


A student showing an award.

Edward Li, Bayview Secondary School, Richmond Hill ON.

Two students standing with their awards.

Cameron Dyson (left) and Seth Friesen (right), Vincent Massey High School, Brandon MB.


Periodic Table Writer

I am sure many chemistry teachers know this, but just in case, the “My Fun Studio” website has a free software program that will write anything you want with tiles of elemental symbols. The program uses some tricks such as bolding the first letter of some of the symbols and using tile for “Q” and “J” absent of data. The program allows you to change font, colour and displayed properties — atomic number, name, weight and electrons. You can download your image for free as a PDF or PNG file. You can also order your design on tons of stuff, such as mobile device cases, greeting cards, T-shirts and coasters. The ordering is done through Zazzle.com.

‘Welcome to Chemistry’ sign made with elements from Periodic table.

continued from front cover

After the smoldering…..

Orange flame on purple powder 1.

Orange flame on purple powder 2.

Orange flame on purple powder 3.


Potassium permanganate reacting with glycerin captured on camera by Dominick Leskiw from Northern Highlands Regional High School, Alllendale NJ. Email your photos to our annual Chemistry in Pictures contest — Jean Hein, jhein@uwaterloo.ca.