A CD review

2010 41st Annual Once Upon a Christmas Cheery In the Lab of Shakhashiri

Find out more on the Science is Fun website and order the DVD from Educational Innovations (US$ 30).

Renowned chemical educator Bassam Shakhashiri explores a broad range of reactions in this captivating 57-minute Christmas video. Through detailed explanations, Professor Shakashiri provides the background chemistry required to understand each demonstration — all while maintaining his “Science is Fun” approach to learning. This video would be useful to all teachers, especially those newer to the classroom who are looking to refine their demonstration skills or improve dialogue while leading students. Many of the reactions presented could be performed in the classroom. Watching the video will help teachers prepare for expected outcomes in their lesson planning. This video could be shown in whole or in part. Individual demonstration clips would be great to view when live demonstrations are not possible or to supplement lessons. Showing the full video may be more beneficial for grades 7 and 8 or a supply teacher.