Periodic Table with CD cases

Periodic table on wall.In the fall of 2005, my chemistry class completed our own periodic table project with the aid of empty CD cases. The CD cases are adhered to the wall, and the incased artwork is protected and easily changed.

I was inspired by an artwork display at our Lower School cafeteria, which combines 12 CD cases as panels to form an image of a flower. Viewing the display turned out to be a “eureka” moment.

I envisioned a periodic table made up of the CD cases with a description of an element in each case. To top it off, I had the necessary wall space in the hallway outside my classroom. All of the chemistry students were invited (required) to create a panel. Some were really creative. As always there were a few panels that showed only 3-4 minutes of effort. This year we have invited students to take a look at the panels to determine which panels might be replaced with more creative/picturesque ones. The use of the CD cases makes this a simple process of opening the case, slipping out the original description and then replacing it with the new one. Updating the table will be an ongoing process. For someone attempting such a project today, obtaining the required number of CD cases may be a real challenge. Below are a few panels.

Mendelevium tile.

Iodine tile.

Bismuth tile.

Einsteinium tile.

Nobelium tile.

Lawrencium tile.