Water door decor

A list of descriptive words for water. A DROP OF WATER IS a liquid (has a definite volume, not shape), a solvent (dissolves other substances), Transparent (transmits light), Tasteless (has no taste), Odorless (has no odor), Colorless (has no color). HAS Density (has a certain ratio of mass to volume), viscosity (flows at a certain rate), Solubility (dissolves in other substances), heat capacity (absorbs heat), surface tension (contracts its surface). ALSO IT Evaporates (slowly becomes a gas), Boils (rapidly becomes a gas), Freezes (becomes a solid) AND HAS MANY OTHER PROPERTIES..Water covers most of our planet's surface and makes up 70% of our body. As such, it deserves special recognition. I first saw this quote (right) at a science conference (Michigan Science Teacher Association) many years ago, and I hastily scribbled it down in a notebook. Later I transformed it into an informative door display (below). I love how it emphasizes properties, some that don't readily come to mind, of this wonderfully unique substance that we call water. The door display is a great example of basic observations and physical properties in chemistry.