Famous scientists

thermal heat hand print on a black backgoundFirst identify the scientists who match the given clues. Their names are used to solve the hidden quote.  Lower case letters refer to the scientists’ first names and upper case letters refer to their last names. A single letter is the first letter from the appropriate name. Two consecutive letters are the first two letters from the appropriate name. Three consecutive letters are the first three letters from the appropriate name. Only use the beginning letter(s) of the scientist’s name. If the same letter(s) appear again in the puzzle, once more use the beginning letter(s).  If you can figure out an incomplete word in the quote, it can help you in identifying an unknown scientist.

Send in your students’ correct solutions to be entered into a draw to win a Touch and See Square donated by Educational Innovations — see ad on page 19. The prize will be awarded to the teacher and student. The deadline is on or before September 30, 2017. Send to Chem 13 News, “Famous scientists”, Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo, Waterloo ON  N2L 3G1, Canada; or email: kjackson@uwaterloo.ca.

  1. more clearly defined acids and first estimated the greenhouse effect
  2. pioneer in scientific method who discovered the relation between pressure and volume of gases
  3. discovered the relation between temperature and volume of gases and created the first hydrogen balloon
  4. discovered radium and polonium
  5. presented the atomic theory
  6. developed a practical incandescent light bulb
  7. postulated photons and the theories of relativity
  8. first isolated benzene and popularized the term “ion”
  9. pioneered in the fields of radioactivity and radiochemistry
  10. contributed to general relativity, quantum gravity and black holes
  11. “Father of Modern Chemistry”
  12. created the periodic table
  13. worked in fluid mechanics, optics, heat transfer and laws of motion
  14. invented dynamite
  15. work in electrochemistry led to the discovery of the law of dilution
  16. discovered oxygen
  17. led discoveries in the chemistry of transuranium elements
  18. discovered deuterium
  19. resurrected the wave theory of light

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