A chemistry teachers brag page

Chemical Valentines

This is a new feature in Chem 13 News. It is an opportunity for readers to share some of their students’ creative work. The goal is not just to showcase what is being done in the chemistry classroom but to inspire teachers to do new things. We begin our brag page feature with chemistry valentines submitted by Barbara Gaudet, Elmira District Secondary School, Elmira ON. Send your students’ work to Jean Hein, and show off what is being done in your classroom. 

Chemical Valentine which says Be Mn V Al N Ti NeMatt Halter 

Valentine "Sulphur is smelly, Cobalt is blue, Chemistry rocks and so are you Kaitlin Doering 


Valentine with two beakers with gases coming out fo each to form together in a Valentine BJ Brubacher

You + Me = Chemistry valentine with two beakers

July Frey 


symbols of all the elements with a Valentine saying "If I could rearrange the periodic table, I would put U and I together"Trinda Crawford 

Ge Es K L O V Es - Valentine Walker Stewart 


My favourite element is Uranium because I love "U" Valentine Erica Boehm