‘Twas the night before Mole Day

‘Twas the night before Mole Day

Everything out of sight,

All the students gone home

The chem lab locked tight.

It was ten twenty-three

And we had begun

Preparations for Mole Day,

Holy moley, what fun!

Avogadro the beaker

Climbed out of his drawer,

The rest of us followed him,

All six hundred two more.

To Ms. Gankiewicz’s desk

We excitedly ran,

Stole the substitute folder

And her daily class plan.

Hiding and taking things was our delight

And round and round the room we scurried,

But when the clock struck 6:02

Back into our drawers we hurried.

As Ms. Gankiewicz entered

Her room the next day,

She found some things missing

But thought, “Nah, there’s no way!”

Revenge for mistreatments

We rendered that night.

‘Tis just a reminder,

Treat your lab equipment right.

(This is a reprint from the October 1993 issue, page 11. Eva Gankewicz Merkel asked her students to write a poem, entitled ‘Twas the night before Mole Day, as part of their Mole Day observance. Here is one of the results.)