Chemist's palette puzzle

white granular powder that will instantly absorb 40 times its original volume, producing a snow-like materialEnter your students’ correct solutions into a draw on or before February 1, 2020. The prize is Instant Snow Polymer donated by Educational Innovations ( Please have your students print their full name clearly, and send your students’ solutions to: Chem 13 News, Chemist's palette puzzle, Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3G1; or email, along with your school’s complete mailing address. Prizes are for Canada and United States submissions only. Printable Chemist's palette puzzle (PDF).

Match these chemicals with the appropriate colours listed below.

  1. anthracite
  2. barium salt in a flame test
  3. bromothymol blue in a weak acid
  4. calcium salt in a flame test
  5. copper salt in a flame test
  6. copper (II) nitrate solution
  7. graphite
  8. iron (III) oxyhydroxide
  9. phenolphthalein in a base
  10. potassium permanganate solution
  11. silver chloride precipitate
  12. strontium carbonate in fireworks

__________     pink

__________     red

__________    orange

__________    yellow

__________    yellow-green

__________    green

__________    blue

__________    purple

__________    brown

__________    white

__________    lead grey

__________   black