Periodic Table of emission spectra

I’m not sure where I first saw this poster, but knew right away it would look great in a chemistry classroom. It captures each element’s unique spectrum, which demonstrates how these spectra can be used as a fingerprints to identify elements. Field Tested Systems created this poster to go along with its many products that allow students — and their teachers — to explore classroom gas-tube spectroscopy and astronomical spectroscopy. For example, one of the products is a desktop spectrometer that has a built-in video camera that can plug into your computer. Your students can make real-time videos of their gas tubes. My favourite product is a webcam and telescope to capture the spectra of the stars. Students can identify the elements of the stars from their own backyard. This would be a fantastic tool for your chemistry classroom.

The classroom-sized (24″ x 36″) periodic table of spectra poster is available online at

The laminated poster is US $29.95 (plus shipping). 

emission spectra of elements

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