Glenforest's wall-sized periodic table!

Pictured is our school’s wall-sized periodic table inspired by the University of Waterloo’s periodic table project. All the images of the elements were hand-drawn, digitally drawn or photographed by students from grades 9 to 12. In addition to making the images for the elements, our students also drilled and nailed the plaques onto the background board. The student coordinator drew the title “Periodic Table of Elements” by hand. Each element was laminated on a plaque and a total of 114 elements along with three information plaques were displayed.

The project received amazing feedback. Both students and staff were impressed; one teacher thought we had purchased the individual plaques from a chemistry supply company!

[Diana is a biochemistry graduate from the University of Waterloo. We love to receive alumni contributions.]

Periodic table on chalkboard close-up.Periodic table on chalkboard.