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Chemistry in Pictures winner

Daniel Harris, a junior student at Scarsdale High School, Scarsdale NY. Daniel is a student of chemistry teacher Elise Hilf Levine and art teacher Dina Hofstetter. With a high-speed camera Daniel was able to capture a great example of combustion. The valve to the lighter fluid — butane — is opened at the press of the red button while, the serrated hardened steel sparkwheel is rotated, generating a spark. Once the butane gas is ignited, the flame continues to burn as long as the valve is held open.

The Chem 13 News photo covers are all submissions to our annual Chemistry in Photos contest. Be on the front cover of Chem 13 News and inspire other teachers with your classroom photos. Annual deadline for Chemistry in Pictures contest is June 30. So bring your camera to class or have your students do something productive with the cameras on their phones. Email photos with a description to Jean Hein (jhein@uwaterloo.ca).