Celebrating decade of the 70s - Lab safety puzzle

Celebrating the 70s - 50th Celebration of Chem 13 News 

This puzzle is a reprint from Chem 13 News from the 1970s. It was one of many safety articles by Nick Ozaruk, University of Waterloo, Waterloo Ontario. Shown is a sketch of a fictitious laboratory. It isn’t ours. However, there are conditions or actions that could result in accidents, some very serious. List the unsafe acts and/or conditions that you can spot in the drawing. It might help to circle and number each item. When you recognize them, be cautious of similar traps in your own laboratory. To start you off, the smouldering cigarette on the lab bench is a hazard and also proves the picture is from the 1970s.

Printable PDF lab safety puzzle - 1970s reprint

A 1970 reprint of Chem 13 News of drawing a lab with lots of safety violationsCelebrating the 70s - 50th Celebration of Chem 13 News