Celebrating relationship humour from the 2000s

Celebration relationship humour from the 2000s -50th celebration of Chem 13 New

test tube looking in the mirror and adjusting itself, "Babe, how's about I lower your activation energy"Catalyst practices his pick-up lines before going out for the evening.

Dessert!?! . . . they never even made it to their entrees! Dessert!?! . . . they never even made it to their entrées!


A bottle of Ferrous sulfide and a bottle of HCl (aq) each with thought bubbles wondering about the smell.Ideal candidates for a long-distance relationship.

the number 30 with a thought bubble wondering “until you came a long, I was nothing but a big fat zero”Her appearance (and placement) brought some significance to his otherwise boring existence.


two rulers holding hands on Dr. Phil’s couch. Dr. Phil is saying “…and this relationship is doomed to failure unless you stop trying to convert each other”

A "Dr. Phil Moment" in chemistry:
Take 1.

two particles holding hands with Bi-210 talking all about themselves, with a blah blah blah 0 and the U-234 thinking “Please…someone shoot me and end this!”Perhaps a little too much sharing on a first date


a old radio and a piece of carbon sitting having a drink of wine at a restaurantRadio-Carbon "blind" dating

a square dance with different positive and negative ions dancing with each other – the square dance caller say “..switch your partner, precipitate, or those of you who many be shy might find instead you will gasify – Quickly please, now not later or you’ll end up as specators”Precipitous fun at the Double-Displacement Square Dance. For some, it was a real gas!