Chemis-tree carols

I always look forward to December when I can start displaying a Chemis-tree and other decorations in and outside the lab. I also enjoy sharing a different "Chemis-tree" carol each day. There are many options online, but I also started writing some of my own. Two of them are below.

Blue Chem Class

(It goes without saying: Blue the colour, not the sadness)
(The tune is “Blue Christmas”)

It’ll be a blue Chem class with bases
It’ll be so blue when litmus meets bases
Bromothymol stays blue, but with neutral is green
But, it won’t be the same for phenolphthalein.

And when those acids are part of the testing
That’s when the reds and yellows are besting
You’ll be getting it right, if your colours are bright,
But bases’ll have a blue blue blue blue chem class.

Rocking around the Chemis-tree

(The tune is “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”)

Rocking around the Chemis-tree
In the science lab today
Molecules hung where you can see
VSEPR theory on display.

Rocking around the Chemis-tree
Watch the moles dance in a ring
Later we’ll mix some sol-u-tions
And we’ll do some titrating.

You will get the phenolphthalein changing
When you hear, students pleading,
“Oh titration;
Stay faint pink at our lab station!”

Rocking around the Chemis-tree
Making careful measurements
Everyone’s cheering happily
What a great experiment!