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  • Mole day greeting card with four images of Avogadro in different colours.

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    Strategy and tactics

    The 2014 Canadian Oxford Dictionary states that strategy is a “long-range policy designed for a particular purpose”, such as a strategy for effective learning. Tactics, on the other hand, refer to “a plan or method used to achieve something”, like completing all homework and studying well in advance of tests.

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  • Mole day greeting card with four images of Avogadro in different colours.

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    An 1860 blood test for you to try

    In medico-legal inquiries, it is often of the utmost importance to determine the character of red spots on linen or steel, supposed to be blood stains. M. Brucke has recently published the following method, as being superior to those in common use: – ‘Wash the spot with cold distilled water. To the reddish liquor thus obtained add a solution of sea salt, and evaporate to dryness, in vacuo, over a vessel containing sulphuric acid...

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  • girl blowing into a solution in a beaker and a light bulb lighting up

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    Sharing chemistry with the community

    One of the many advantages of having students peruse sources of chemical demonstrations rather than my telling them which ones they should perform is that they occasionally come across demonstrations that I have not seen before. One example of this is when Stacey Wolfson found “How to Blow Out a Light Bulb” in A Demo A Day, Volume 2, B. Bilash II, G. Gross, & J. Koob, (1998), pages 208-209, Flinn Scientific, Inc. This demonstration was new to me.

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  • Day of the Dead altar with chemistry equipment and Avogadro's photo

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    CEMPAZUCHITL, a puzzle celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead

    Although Halloween is celebrated in a few areas in Mexico, the traditional festivity is the Day of the Dead, which falls on November 2. Many families visit the tombs of relatives and place thousands of yellow-orange flowers named “CEMPAZUCHITL” along with other items on an offering table, called “ofrenda”.

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