Valuable knowledge

Find the related message by solving for a pair of words that each match the definition below. The second word is identical to the first word, with one letter deleted. The deleted letter then is placed in the appropriate position to form the message. [For example, if the clue was “a substance that neutralizes a base and has an irritating and unpleasant taste or odor,” the answer might be ACRID ACID and the resulting letter would be R. To help you further, the first letter of the smaller word is given at the end of the clue.

eighteen dash lines for puzzle

  1.  essential medicinal sample container  (v)
  2.  a series of carbon atoms binding the elder son of Adam and Eve  (c)
  3.  Macbeth’s counterpart from the land of C2H6  (t) 
  4.  using NaHCO3 as an assistant to battling heartburn  (a)
  5.  a small carpet on which you can sit to do numeric calculations  (m)
  6.  plumbic boy  (l)
  7.  an assistant to an organic compound containing –CONH2 (a)
  8.  agreement relating to a perfect gas law  (d)
  9.   a long, deep track in a road filled with Fe2O3 (r)
  10. Iron, copper and manganese in your dinner  (m)
  11. ferric or ferrous  (i)
  12. alkaline cake-like mixture in items that can power a flashlight or small clock  (b)
  13. native origin of borax, an acid and the green color in some pyrotechnics and flames  (b)
  14. anger regarding the bright orange light produced by combustion  (i)
  15. maiden made of SiO2 panes you can see through  (l)
  16. region for the allotrope of oxygen gas  (z)
  17. Robert Bunsen’s renown for inventing the burner  (f)
  18. carpet that has absorbed acetylsalicylic acid or acetaminophen  (r)

Enter your students’ correct solutions into a draw on or before September 30, 2017. Give this puzzle at the end of the school year or wait until the first week in September. The prize is Polymer Beads — see page 23 — donated by Educational Innovations. A prize will be awarded to both student and teacher. Go to for more information about this prize. Send your students’ solutions to: Chem 13 News, Valuable knowledge, Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo, Waterloo ON  N2L 3G1, Canada; or email: