Periodic Table Project update

Android apps available and poster label

ANDROID UPDATE: Have your students download the University of Waterloo Periodic Table Project app for free — now available as an Android app at Google Play and Amazon online stores. Simply search for Periodic Table Project.

Along with the beautifully designed elemental tiles, this app has relevant high school data for each element — atomic mass, electronegativity, density, colour and classification (metal, non-metal, metalloid). Students can have access to all this information without being connected to the Internet. The app is also still available on iTunes for your iPod, iPhone and iPad. While the students are looking up the information, they might enjoy browsing through all the tile artwork designed by chemistry students worldwide. Tiles for the newly named elements, flerovium (Fl-114) and livermorium (Lv-116) have been added to the apps.

Periodic Table Project App icon.

Periodic Table Project App icon.


POSTER UPDATE: We created a label for the Periodic Table Project classroom posters so these newly named elements can be added — see right. The label can go over the legend on the classroom poster (see below). We have given out 15,000 posters so you might have one in your class that needs updating. We will be handing out these labels (with a sticky back) with our Periodic Table Project posters at the Chem 13 News exhibit booth at STAO 2014 in Toronto ON.  Stop by and update your classroom poster. We will also be handing out these labels at other chemical education conferences.

Want to update your poster? You could also print off this label on “sticky backed” paper from the Chem13 News website. We have posted the jpeg — or you can cut out the one to the right and just use tape.

This label update is an opportunity to discuss the newly named elements, advancements in chemistry and why the periodic table continues to grow.

Thanks to Richard Heinen at JWA Group, London ON who helped create all of our electronic apps and Mark Hasting at 3M Canada, London ON for designing all the layouts for the apps and the newly-named elements label.

Large Periodic Table Project on wall.

The label at right can go directly onto your Periodic Table Project classroom poster as shown above.