ChemEd 2013 traditional Mole Day Run

Start time: 6:02 am (Central Time Zone)
Length of route: 6.02 km
Participants: 87 chemistry educators with unlimited amount of enthusiasm and kinetic energy

Thinking about attending the next ChemEd at Kennesaw State University? Then start training for the Mole Day Run — walk, run or skip. Why? Photo evidence provided below. More photos of the run and ChemEd events are on the ChemEd2013 website. We are still adding photos to the website so if you participated in this fun event, email photos to Jean Hein,

Two women and one man at the finish line of a ‘Mole Fun Run’.

Winners of Mole Day Run (left to right): Meredith Kuba (first), Ellie Beyers (second); Curtis Musser (third).

Man and woman on road.

First place finisher Meredith Kuba with Rick Marta (organizer).

Two women in a park.

Sharon Geyer (left) and Micaela Ferreira.

Two men and one woman at a sign pointing to ‘Mole Fun Run’.

Tae Cho (left), Sue Bober and Mike Palazzolo.

Woman wearing glasses.

Jill Serling.

Natalie Miller.

Natalie Miller.

Girls smiling.

Cheering squad (University of Waterloo students) along the route.