Knitting for chemistry

Need a gift for your geeky chemistry friends? Look on the Etsy website — basically a website for handmade creative goods.

Dawn Finney (Etsy store name, ButterflyLove1) has knitted cute chemistry items. She also sells some of her creative patterns. The Erlenmeyer flask and test tubes are available at her Etsy online store. Her patterns can be found on Etsy and Ravelry (knitters will know this site). The pattern for the water molecule is on Ravelry.

Plushie Erlenmeyer flask on top of two books.

Plushie bent molecule.

Plushie test tube.


Javelin (Etsy store name, Primandplush) also has a collection of crocheted molecules to purchase (below). Can you identify the molecules?

Plushie tetrahedral molecule.

Plushie molecules.

Plushie diatomic molecule.

Plushie molecule.