Erlenmeyer flask snow hat

Plushie Erlenmeyer flask.Have you ever been sitting in lab, waiting for your solution to dissolve, and thought to yourself: I wish there was something that simultaneously kept my head warm, as well as expressed my devotion to scientific research and wet chemistry?

I present to you, the 250mL Pyrex Erlenmeyer Flask Snow Hat.

I would have made it the top-shelf Corning brand made in Germany, but USA is a lot easier to embroider. The only blue solution I could think of, was copper sulphate — although the wool colour is a bit too dark.

Impressive, no? But, wait! It gets even better. Always one to outdo myself, not only is this hat an E-flask of copper sulfate solution, it also comes with a Cimarec Stirring Hot Plate Nape and Ear Flaps: And what good is a stirring hot plate without Teflon-coated magnetic stir bar tassels and head doo-dads.

[These experts and photos are taken from Mr. Sakimoto’s blog called Baby Bunsen Burners. The blog follows the young science instructor teaching a summer course for elementary school children. Not only does Mr. Sakimoto shares his crocheting project, he describes his encounters with children with humour and insight. My favourite entry is “Science is messy” about his gak experience. He begins with: “Now, earlier that morning I had tried the gak recipe to make sure it worked and the proportions were right. It turned out fantastically, and I thought I was set for a pretty easy day. Very, very wrong.” ]