University of Waterloo highlights at 2016 STAO/APSO

Taking the fear out of 1st year university chemistry lab

Friday 9:00 am

 Laura IngramLaura Ingram

Lab instructor 

Outreach coordinator                   



Sue Stathopulos

Sue Stathopulos            

Senior Lab Instructor   

First Year Labs



Jean Hein

Jean Hein

Chem 13 News




Students cite the 1st year chemistry lab as one of their biggest challenges — and fears — as they transition from high school to university. As University of Waterloo lab instructors, we are always looking for ways to make this transition easier.

In this interactive session we hope to provide teachers with insight into how to prepare students with knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed in university chemistry labs. We are interested to hear your views on preparing students and what we can do to better ease students with this transition.

Intuitive Physics & Why it Matters

Friday 9:00 am

RIchard EppRichard Epp





Rohan JayasunderaRohan Jayasundera





We will provide sample 1st year university lecture content illustrating a new approach to deep intuitive learning of fundamental concepts in physics, and will contrast this with the traditional approach. We will also discuss "bridging the gap" between high-school and 1st year university physics programs.

We will discuss the benefits of understanding physics intuitively, versus through mathematical abstractions, and give examples of approaches to achieving this. Teachers will gain important insights into what their students might experience in 1st year university physics. We will also provide sample questions from university midterm tests, final exams,
quizzes, and the Sir Isaac Newton prize exam.

Come by the University of Waterloo booth and get a Selfie with Avogadro

Come by and chat at the Chem 13 News booth. It is an opportunity for our editors and our readers to meet each other. Pick up a Periodic Table Poster for your classroom.

STAO 2015 Selfies with Avogadro

Joe Schwarcz, Doug De La Matter, Avogadro and Andy CherkasJoe Schwarcz, Doug De La Matter, Avogadro and Andy Cherkas

Carey Bissonnette, Irwin Talesnick, Avogadro, Jean Hein and Lew BrubacherCarey Bissonnette, Irwin Talesnick, Avogadro, Jean Hein and Lew Brubacher