Chemistry in our lives

Place each answer in the maze to fill all the spaces. The words must go around the dark line barriers. Each word starts in the correspondingly numbered square. The last letter of one answer ends up in the next numbered square and is the first letter of the next answer. The number in the parenthesis tells how many letters are in the answer. The first question is done for you. Before you start filling in the maze with letters, we recommend you solve as many clues as possible.

Send in your students’ correct solutions to be entered into a draw to win a nitinol spring donated by Educational Innovations — see ad on page 31. The prize will be awarded to both student and teacher. The deadline is on or before April 2, 2017. Send to Chem 13 News, “Chemistry in our lives”, Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo, Waterloo ON N2L 3G1, Canada; Fax: (519) 888-9168; or email:  


  1. Item that should be used to apply fluoride every morning and evening (10)
  2. Class of chemicals found in gasoline and cigarette lighters (12)
  3. Table salt (14)
  4. Chemical in beer and wine (7)
  5. Sugar that some cannot include in their diet (7)
  6. Oxyacid derivative found in flowers and fruits (5)
  7. Shorthand name for compound used to produce proteins (3)
  8. Chemical used to prevent or correct low pH in the stomach (7)
  9. A water-soluble cleansing agent (9)
  10. Metal with the highest melting point that is used in light bulbs (8)
  11. Compound used both in dynamite and to prevent chest pains (13)
  12. Group of elements used in colored night signs in store windows (10)
  13. Metal used in jewelry, tableware and mirrors (6)
  14. Chemical used in tires, balls and balloons (6)
  15. Common oxide of iron (4)
  16. A skull and crossbones image stands for this adjective (5)
  17. Metal used in several alloys and to strengthen your bones (7)
  18. Metal used in flares and fireworks and in your body to regulate blood pressure, muscles and nerves (9)
  19. Chemicals that are required in trace amounts by living organisms (14)
  20. Chemical used in diet sodas and to sweeten coffee (9)