Chemistry in Pictures contest

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Annual Deadline June 30

Include a descriptive paragraph.

High resolution photos if possible.

Teacher with test tube, Bunsen burner and smoke ring.The perfect demo
April 2011, cover

Linda Ford, The Seven Hills School, Cincinnati, Ohio

Linda sent in this photo of her performing the "Will o' the Wisp” demo in her classroom fume-hood. This was one of Linda’s favorite demonstrations. Basically she prepares phosphine gas in an oxygen-free test tube. This requires a pea-size piece of yellow phosphorus that she gets from a chemistry professor at the University of Cincinnati (stored under water!). The entire small piece is used up during the course of the teaching day.

Reflective ball held with green gloves, people reflected in ball.A successful lab
September 2009, cover

Marke Jones, St. Andrew’s College, Aurora, Ontario

Marke wowed us with his photos, including this one. His student, Geoff Ruddock, is seen mirrored in the results of employing the Tollens’ test reaction to a clear Christmas tree ornament. The Tollens’ reagent produces a silver mirror in the presence of aldehydes.

Person holding exploding water balloon.A classroom moment
September 2011, cover

Philip Stoesser, St. Theresa's High School, Midland, Ontario

This photo captures students having fun in chemistry class during a last period on a Friday afternoon. Pictured is student Justin holding a water balloon which teacher, Philip Stoesser, bursts. You can see the colour of the blue balloon.