All kids should have these…

Crayons labelled as compounds with same colour.You can find these colorful labels for crayons on “Que Interesante” at Chem 13 News asked “Que Interesante” about this wonderful idea.

Here is the creator’s response:

The inspiration came from tutoring. I was helping a student prepare for a college chemistry exam, and we came across a question about the color of a solution. The textbook had no information to help us, so we were stumped. I joked that the crayons that we colored with as children should have been labeled more usefully with chemicals so that we could get the question right! So I started researching colors of elements and compounds and came up with names to match the colors of crayons and pencils! They have been a huge success, and my non-science husband has even learned a lot of new chemical colors!

The colors of the labels match the Crayola® crayons and you can order a set to go with crayon packs of 12, 24 or even 120. These are some seriously fun chemical crayons. They make great prizes for your students.