In memory of Robert Le Roy

photo of Robert Le Roy

Family establishes undergraduate chemistry scholarship 

For nearly 50 years, university professor Robert Le Roy was a presence in the University of Waterloo, Department of Chemistry. It is with deep regret that we learned he passed away quietly at home earlier this month, surrounded by his family. The department was touched to learn that within days of their loss, Robert’s wife, Virginia, and their children, reached out to the university to establish the Robert J. Le Roy Memorial Scholarship. This annual scholarship will be awarded to the top Chemistry undergraduate in their third or fourth year based on academic performance.  

Dr. Le Roy was renowned for his development of the near-dissociation theory with R.B. Bernstein (the Le Roy-Bernstein theory), and for the derivation of the Le Roy Radius, defined as the internuclear distance between two atoms at which the Le Roy-Bernstein theory becomes valid. 

Donations to the Robert J. Le Roy Memorial Scholarship can be made online through the university’s Support Waterloo portal. Google Robert J. Le Roy Memorial Scholarship.