First entry to Periodic Table Project New Elements



Audrey Kompter, St. David Catholic Secondary School, Waterloo, Ontario

For my tile I selected the element nihonium. It’s the first element discovered in, and named for, an Asian country. To honour this I’ve included symbols of Japan throughout the painting including koi fish, cherry blossoms, the flag and “Japan” in Japanese. The red circle in the middle mimics Japan’s flag and represents “the rising sun” (the literal definition of Japan), and the cherry blossom and koi fish are national symbols of the country. There is still little known about the element but it is said to be radioactive and likely a white/grey metallic colour; therefore, I created the explosive metallic coloured background.

[Audrey’s tile is our first entry to the Periodic Table Project New Elements contest. All students are welcome to participate — encourage your grade 9 students as well.]