ChemEd conference memories

ChemEd 2013 logo.I've attended 11 ChemEd conferences. I look forward to them! One of my favourite memories was during my second ChemEd, in 1991 in OshKosh. As a new teacher at the time, I was surprised as I walked into George Hague's presentation. He was wearing a cheerleading skirt (and his Texan hat), chanting chemistry cheers and blowing up hydrogen balloons in time to music! I knew then, that I had found a special group of people.

My favorite quotations from George are:  "Never be afraid to make a fool of yourself in teaching chemistry... the kids think you do this every day anyway!" and "If you're teaching chemistry and you're not having any fun, then you must be doing something wrong."

I owe the joy in my career to the people I have met at ChemEd conferences.

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