Scientists in love

After being inspired by examples in Chem13 News, I assigned my 9th and 10th grade physical science students the task of creating scientific valentines. The assignment was simple; students selected a scientist related to chemistry or physics and composed a valentine that was reflective of that scientist's work. A free online software program called PicMonkey enabled students to creatively add details to images found online. Students had a great deal of fun while creating these valentines and learning about famous scientists. A sharing session gave students the opportunity to learn about each featured scientist. I believe this assignment was a memorable experience, and hopefully students will remember these scientists and their contributions. 

I was so impressed with the creativity of my students! The project ended up being featured in our local newspaper, and the valentines are now proudly displayed in my room. The display attracts visitors' attention, and the learning about these scientists continues…Valentines made with fun saying from famous scientists