In the November issue, we asked readers to send in #clickbait for chemistry curriculum topics.
Karen Choo, Vaughan Secondary School, Thornhill, Ontario sent in these clever ones from her students.

  • He may have potential but we’ve got chemistry.
    8 Reasons why a single displacement is the answer to your lacklustre love life.
  • SWIPE RIGHT on these Endothermic Reactions when things heat up!
  • Free Electrons Looking to Bond in Your Area
  • Find your ideal bonding partner based on which way your equilibrium shifts.
  • LOSE molar mass in JUST 1 WEEK!
  • Are your concentration levels too HIGH? Check out this SECRET dilution formula!
  • Polygamy legal? Their chemistry allows multiple bonds!
  • Number 4 will SHOCK you! 7 Equilibrium Law Assumptions Any Chemist Should KNOW!
  • 7 Chemistry Pick-Up lines that will get you the Right Reaction!
  • What is your Bond Energy Score? Take this quiz with your BFF!
  • Celebrities Tell All — Their Favourite Periodic Trends
  • Relationship Problems? Take this pH quiz to find out how basic or acidic your love life really is.
  • 10 ways to hybridize with your crush without using sigma OR pi bonds!
  • 20 ways to increase your enthalpy — Complete that combustion!
  • ‘Til Soaps Do Us Part? Use “Like Dissolves Like” for oil-free skin care right at home!
  • Na Collided with Cl2 and their reaction left them salty!
  • How Attractive are You? Take our ΔEN Quiz!
  • Click Here for FREE mcΔT lessons.

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