Diffusion of ions

Pictured below is the microscale demonstration “Diffusion of ions” projected on to a large screen — see page 5. The actual circles are 2 cm. The printed paper circles are covered in a plastic cover. The reaction takes place on this plastic cover. Reactants are placed directly above the smaller inner circles. A few water drops are added to connect these smaller circles.

White and blue crystals on two sides of circle, which white line in the middle.White crystals on one side of circle, with yellow line in the middle.

Pictured above are sodium carbonate crystals (white) and copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate (blue) on each side of the circle. The white line in the centre is where the precipitate copper (II) carbonate forms.

Pictured above is the reaction between potassium iodide and lead nitrate. The two reactants were placed on each side of the circle and connected with drops of water. The yellow is the precipitate, lead iodide, forming in the centre.